French Heritage Society Toasts Juan Pablo Molyneux & Emanuelle Taittinger at Gala Dinner Dance at The Pierre

New York, November 24, 2015 – On the evening of November 18th, French Heritage Society (FHS) honored Juan Pablo Molyneux along with Champagne Taittenger, represented by Emmanuel Taittenger, at their annual Gala Dinner Dance at the Pierre Hotel.

Notable francohpiles gathered to celebrate and honor all things French. They paid tribute to Juan Pablo Molyneux for his extraordinary designs and commitment to the preservation of iconic French architecture, as well as the unique crafts and craftsman that contribute to the restoration these of historic buildings.

Molyneux graciously accepted the honor saying, “Without these old buildings, I’d simply be a talker and a dreamer.”

FHS President, Comte Denis de Kergolay, introduced Molyneux as an “ambassador of beauty and art,” and extolled the fundamental historic relationship between America and France as “brothers in arms.”

Along with the celebration, FHS Chairman Elizabeth Stribling lead the guests in a minute of silence during her opening remarks with reverence for those affected by the recent atrocities in Paris; the French anthem played as all stood in support of “Liberte and Fraternite.”

Stribling later introduced the second honoree, Emmanuel Taittinger, who affirmed that he would continue to be an “ambassador for fidelity and friendship between the two countries and a faithful son to these two ideas.” Taittinger toasted Mr. Molyneux before gifting Mrs. Stribling with a book on Champagne. Both honorees received ornate glass decanters, symbolic of the gratitude of FHS.

Dinner continued as Nicholas Lowry, introduced by Event Co-Chair Cece Black, took the stage to lead the evening’s auction to raise funds for the restoration of Monticello and the FHS Student Program.

The Bob Hardwick Sound kept the dance floor full, with guests spinning and twirling throughout the evening.